Instagram Captions About Pets & Dogs

A house is not a home without a dog.

What did we do to deserve dogs?

Gotta stay in school so I can provide for my future dog

Those who teach the most about humanity aren’t always humans -Donald L Hicks

The best therapist has fur and four legs

The cat is in charge, we just live here

The dog is in charge, we just live here

Life’s short, spoil your dog

Home is where my dog is

Sorry, I can’t tonight, I have plans with my dog

Based on my wardrobe, my favorite color is dog hair

Collect moments not things, unless those things are cats

Sorry, I can’t. My dog and I have plans

Cats know how we feel. They don’t care. But they know.

I wonder what my dog named me

Sometimes I meet people and feel bad for their dog.

I’m in a really good place right now. Not emotionally or spiritually, I’m just on the couch with my dog

You don’t get to tell me what to do, you’re not my dog

I’d love to go but my dog said no

Let’s be honest, if dogs could talk there’d be no need for people

One thing my dog and I have in common is that we never want me to go to work

Leave me alone, I’m only speaking to my cat today

The fine line between love and hate is one negative comment about my dog

Sometimes you just gotta lay on the floor with your dog

If you want the best seat in the house you’ll have to move the dog

Sorry, I can’t, I have to walk my dog

Pets: Life’s apology for every crappy day ever

Not to brag or anything, but I’m kind of a big deal to my dog

I wish I could text my dog

Every morning, I enjoy coffee and a beagle.


He keeps hounding me for a treat!

Dogs think you’re a god. Cats think they’re the gods.

He’s not fat, he’s husky!

What’s up dog?

The road to my heart is paved with pawprints.

Dogs: Better than cats since…well, forever.

Dogs love you. Cats tolerate you.

Love is wet noses, sloppy kisses, and wagging tails.

Live. Love. Bark.

I’ve had a ruff day.

Saving a dog will not change the whole world, but it will change that dog’s world.

The best things in life are rescued.

Life is too short to just have one dog.

I find dog puns rePUGnant.

I’ll love you fur-ever.

What a mastiff waste of time.

I want to go to dog heaven.

If you want a roommate, get a cat. If you want a family, get a dog.

You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it.

Love is a four-legged word.

Happiness is doggy kisses.

My family is a rescue family.

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